R2 Companies (“R2”) programmatically manages the real estate investment process from end to end: we cast a wide net to originate and underwrite the very best investment opportunities, act decisively when an attractive risk-adjusted investment presents itself, and execute a steadfast plan to create sustainable value.

R2 is an opportunistic firm that invests its own capital alongside a select group of institutional partners, making it an active and highly vested manager and operator. R2 currently owns and operates more than 1.5 million square feet of commercial real estate in Chicago and Minneapolis and has a multi-year track record of realizing superior risk-adjusted returns utilizing various investment strategies across market cycles. The R2 platform is designed to be nimble, able to quickly and deftly shift strategies and allocations in response to changing market conditions.

The R2 team is a group of knowledgeable and motivated principals with experience in acquisition, capital markets, development, leasing, and asset, property, and construction management. With this array of core competencies, we can directly control the success variables in any given investment.


R2 Companies is fully integrated, end to end— from origination and investment to management, operations and disposition. This ensures that we controls the success variables affecting investments.


The R2 team includes experienced, motivated, and vested principals with a multi-year track record of successfully deploying, returning, and growing capital across market cycles.

R2 currently owns and operates more than 2.5 million square feet of real estate, primarily in Chicago and the Midwest, and its principals share deep industry experience, having transacted more than $1 billion in real estate investments on behalf of previous ownership structures in all major asset classes and investment strategies.

From 2007 to 2011, R2 principals built and eventually liquidated a highly successful student-housing platform at several major Midwestern universities. Since 2011, the R2 principals have consolidated more than one million square feet of creative office assets in Chicago and the Midwest, building a vertically integrated platform to manage all aspects of the investment process.

R2 is a widely experienced developer, having completed multi-family, mixed-use, retail, and office projects, and is currently developing two mixed-use developments on Chicago’s Goose Island that total more than 700,000 rentable square feet.

In addition to its core platform, R2 operates several discretionary funds to programmatically pursue its real estate investment strategies.


R2 Capital manages the strategic direction of R2 Companies’ investment activities. It is led by Managing Principal Matt Garrison and Chief Investment Officer Max Meyers and its team has collectively transacted more than $1 Billion in institutional real estate investments for various firms over a wide distribution of markets and investment strategies.


R2 Management controls the property and asset management and leasing activities across R2’s active portfolio. This approach creates transparency and visibility at the property level as R2 executes its investment objectives and ensures that we react quickly to property-level events while aligning the property-level decisions with our overall plan for value creation. R2 Management is composed of experienced asset and property managers with backgrounds in all areas of real estate operations.


R2 Design/Build manages the design, construction, and capital-expenditure projects for all R2 assets, allowing R2 Companies to manage construction risk, exercise control over construction projects, and handle the tenant-improvement process. The R2 Design+Build team consists of experienced architects and contractors who specialize in ground-up development, interior design and build, project management, and capital-improvements projects.


R2 Development is focused on value creation through ground-up and adaptive re-use developments in emerging urban neighborhoods. R2 Development seeks to build architecturally significant and historically sensitive structures that create value for investors and the emerging communities where the structures reside.


R2 International is focused on deploying capital in quality middle-market, basis- and cash-flow-driven assets in Europe. Headquartered in Dublin, R2 International is led by an experienced local team.

In other words, in order to achieve superior results, an investor must be able— with some regularity—to find asymmetries: instances when the upside potential exceeds the downside risk. That’s what successful investing is all about.

- Howard Marks