REI Flagship Store

Goose Island / Clybourn Corridor

In 2019, R2 completed a riverfront flagship REI store in Lincoln Park, in partnership with Goldman Sachs. The 40,000 square foot store includes a dedicated indoor parking lot and private access to riverfront kayak launch.

R2 worked directly with REI’s flagship team for 2+ years to design and re-design the substantial store to accommodate their relocation to the riverfront. R2 was able to affordably reuse the core of the existing industrial building, and re-skin the exterior to modernize its appearance.

45,000 sf

Flagship REI - Corner Entry


Flagship REI - Private Kayak Launch


Flagship REI - Interior


Flagship REI - Bike Shop


1001 NB North Branch

Goose Island, Chicago

Salt District 1357 North Elston

Salt District, Chicago