Flour Exchange 310 S 4th Ave

Downtown East, Minneapolis

The Flour Exchange is a historic 12-story building in downtown minneapolis adjacent to the Minneapolis courthouse, City Hall and Grain Exchange.

Located in the Downtown East submarket of the Minneapolis CBD next to the Minneapolis city courthouse and across the street from City Hall.

  • Completed renovation of lobby and have commenced corridor and restroom improvements
  • Nearby newly constructed VIkings US Bank Stadium and correlated entertainment district
  • Leveraged location to improve the quality of tenancy
  • Listed on the register of Historic Places in Minneapolis

For Leasing information, contact mpistorio@R2.me.

97,700 sf


MPLS – 75


MPLS – 78


MPLS – 63

Tenant Space

MPLS – 66

Tenant Space

1453 Maple

Evanston, Illinois

79 West Monroe

The Loop, Chicago